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Sandersfire Firecrete mortars are dry blended, from high quality gypsum plasters, carefully graded natural and processed fire resisting aggregates, and additives, to give excellent fire resistance, combined with ease of mixing, versatile workability range, high strength and exceptional acoustic performance. 

The controlled expansion develops a compressive membrane action, within rigid boundaries, resulting in excellent load bearing capability, without the need for steel reinforcement, in other than exceptionally large openings.

All Firecrete mortars have undergone extensive structural, acoustic and fire testing at independent test laboratories, to internationally recognised British, European and US standards. 

  • EN STD is CE marked and UL Listed (Underwriters Limited) and LUL (London Underground Limited)
  • Sandersfire International holds Quality Assurance Certification to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001
  firecrete EN STD Grey
Colour Off White
Density loose bulk (kg/m3) 650
Density wet cast (kg/m3) 1300 - 1400
Density over dry (kg/m3) 850 - 950
Setting time (mins) 50-90
Expansion on setting (%) 0.1