Sandersfire International


Firecrete - General Properties

Sanders mortars are blended from high quality gypsum cements, carefully selected and graded fire resisting aggregates and additives, to give excellent fire resistance, strength and versatile workability.

They are readily mixed with water, to consistencies ranging from pourable, to stiff and trowelable, with controlled expansion on setting, giving a completely gas tight seal within the opening and around all services.

The special combination of structural properties of Sanders mortars gives excellent crushing strength and shear resistance, enabling fire seals in walls and floors to withstand substantial loadings before failure.

Typical Physical Properties

Physical PropertyFirecrete STDFirecrete HSFirecrete HD
ColourOff whiteGreyBeige
Density loose bulk (kg/m3)6509501850
Density wet cast (kg/m3)1300 - 14001750 - 19002850 - 2950
Density over dry (kg/m3)850 - 9501450 - 16002550 - 2650
Setting time (mins)606060
Expansion on setting (%)